We have worked with clients in the following types of industry

  • Commercial companies with archives of data and current information they require to store and share
  • Personnel Departments, with files on leavers etc
  • Purchase Ledger Departments with purchase invoices and delivery notes to store
  • Engineering and Construction Companies, with large format drawings and reports
  • Housing Associations with house and tenant files
  • Hospitals with medical and building files
  • DBFO tenders, with files to be distributed to potential bidders
  • Manufacturing Plants with quality control files etc.
  • Government Departments setting up Data rooms
  • Major Local Authorities with backlogs of scanning in most departments
  • Scanning of photographs for recording building processes and historical purposes
  • NHS departments with survey software to collect data on patient services and other surveys
  • Independent Financial Advisers, with client files with quick reference to fact finder pages

Clients have used our advice for many years, and have achieved savings and greater efficiency with our document management advice and suggestions.

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