Bureau Scanning Services

Arc specialises in the efficient conversion of hard copy information into digital form. Many clients have used our services to clear archives and free up office space. Sometimes this is a one off project, or a it may be a regular service if more paper documents are being produced.

Typically 20,000 A4 sheets of paper (approximately 20 four drawer cabinets) can be scanned and stored on just one Gigabyte of computer storage, thus freeing up office space and making any document accessible in seconds.

Our scanning service offers:

  • Confidential scanning all sizes of paper including drawings
  • Bulk discounts for high volumes
  • Preparation of documents including staple removal.
  • Indexing to your own requirements
  • Free retrieval software
  • File formats include Tiff and PDF files
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) will enable printed text in files to be text searchable
  • Encryption of files for compliance purposes

Arc can supply images in a folder system or suggest software and a database package so you can easily store, search, view, distribute and print your archived documents using existing PC's and network. Use of existing peripherals such as A4, A3 and AO laser printers can still be utilized.

Paper files are traditionally indexed on a Reference Number and Subject. In order to find anything specific the expertise of a knowledgeable clerk may currently be required. Arc is able to convert your archives so that all printed data can be stored in a database. By text searching the contents in the database, a list of files containing the word or phrase will be produced in seconds. E.g. a search on a name or post code.

Bureau Scanning Services

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