Arc has been in the Document Management Industry for over 25 years, starting in the microfilm days. Over the last 20 years document management has changed. Originally microfilm was the answer, using roll film systems for closed archives, and jacket systems for live accounts. This gradually changed with the introduction of scanners and tiff files. Initial systems were basic and not always reliable. Scanned images however soon replaced microfilm images. Recently we have converted film to digital documents for clients.

Over the years we have amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge in document management issues. We have been responsible for the successful conversions of millions of documents into electronic formats, and supplied very successful in-house solutions.

With the evolution of operating systems, more sophisticated solutions evolved and Arc has extensive experience of the following:

  • Controlling backlog scanning projects from collection to delivery
  • The legal situation for storing images
  • Risk management and business continuity issues
  • Destruction of scanned images (data protection)
  • Tracking of files (compliance)
  • Compatibility with other office back office systems
  • The Internet and Web Hosting
  • Forms recognition for surveys
  • Business processes

Arc is a one-stop shop for all Document Management requirements

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